War of the Worlds … Make that War of the Words … politics and a president we cannot control

The day before Halloween 1938 revealed a much more innocent time in American culture. Somewhere between WWI and the Great Depression life in the country looked quite different than it does presently. On that particular October 30th if we’d been there huddled around the radio, then we would have heard a regularly scheduled episode of Mercury Theater on Air Tonight. The episode featured a 23 year old actor, Orsen Welles, recounting his version of the Victorian era work: War of the Worlds. It was a “Halloween” broadcast. It became what is now somewhat the topic of historic urban legend. History and old timers alike would recall the fright the broadcast instilled in people as Mr. Welles performed a hoax; it was a dramatized newscast about the Martian alien invasion.

I imagine people have the same fear presently when we turn on the tube and listen to newscasts about our American political landscape. Have the aliens invaded the White House? I’ll leave Melania out of it, but our orange haired, spray tanned looking, bawdy, needs to shut up and put down Twitter, proof that money CANNOT buy class president is unlike anything we have ever seen….or is he?

Most mornings I watch the first 15 minutes of the NBC Today Show headlines before talking with my buddy Tim about news stories and current events of the day. During my commute I listen to Fox News radio to get an alternative perspective. As of the moment I published this blog, Trump has been in office 468 days

I have never liked him. I voted for him. I find him morally reprehensible. A listen to American broadcasts would have you believe the entire world revolves around Donald Trump and his administration. Clearly, Trump receives the most media of any president ever. And, I think he has the “fake news media,” his words, not mine, exactly, precisely where he wants them to be. They are mailable, highly influenced, running at the drop of any hint of a story surrounding him and … well…him…he wants it all about him…and that’s exactly where Donald Trump has American media and the characteristically liberal entertainment industry members…captive. Yes, unadmittedly they are eating out of the palms of Trump’s hands.

What must it be like to be so consumed with hatred that one does nothing but publicly vent and spew hate venomous words against the president constantly? It truly is all she does. Turn on “The View” just about any day and you’ll observe this regrettable behavior of comedienne Joy Behar. You might recall her as the woman who condemned and berated the Vice President for being a prayerful Christian man. If Mike Pence were to make a similar remark against her faith, then he would have been labeled anti Semitic. Regardless, you’ll find Joy yelling and ranting with face contorted pouring her heart and soul into pure hatred against an individual man and his agenda. Like many tv people she has allowed the president to become a cancer to her being to the point that her very name is a misnomer. She is not a funny, entertaining comedienne; she is a consumed soul.

Likewise with Michelle Wolf from the recent White House correspondants’ dinner. For my entire life (almost 50 years) all I’ve heard is women’s rights, rising in the workplace, and women sticking together. Even Hilary Clinton said women had to stick together —“the village” women as well I guess —before she blamed them, too, for her election loss. When Wolf berated Sarah Huckabee Saunders it became clear what a pathetic existence the featured speaker truly lives. Educated, well spoken, maternal, professional, well dressed, maintaining decorum, and God-fearing, Mrs. Huckabee-Saunders quite obviously threatens lesser accomplished women and deservedly unknown people like Michelle Wolf.

Here is the perspective of people who voted for Donald Trump who did not want another Washington politician. Dyed in the wool politicians do things like:

  • Serve self by working for the highest paying lobbies and constituent groups.
  • Drive off bridges in Chappaquidick.
  • Resign from office over break ins at the Watergate Hotel.
  • Have interns perform *%$*# in the Oval Office (note his wife is still “some little Tammy Wynette standing by her man”).
  • Leave funding in bills to which their constituents would absolutely object (i.e., speaker Ryan and massive Planned Parenthood Funding left in Trump spending bill).
  • Ignore pleas for relief from ambassadors and diplomats who eventually die serving our country.
  • Sell uranium to Iran covertly.
  • ***opps…maybe I just don’t like the Clintons since I alluded to them 3 times…really I don’t like Hillary…Bill is a pretty cool guy…saxophone and all.

Men history recalls as pioneers are typically considered to be crazy by their contemporaries. People thought Thomas Jefferson was out of his mind to want to acquire as much land through the Louisiana Purchase as he did (I have the nicest Cajun buddy Dane. For those of you who know Dane, it’s hard to imagine he could be any more he could be more alien to us than he already is….kidding, Dane…love you, my friend!)

People thought Da Vinci was a lunatic (literally suffering from clinical lunacy). Consider his human anatomical drawings…his flying machine designs and the fact they were centuries ahead of their time.

And lest we forget explorers like Christopher Columbus heading out the sail around the world….the flat world?

How many people recall Jules Verne? No, not the restaurant atop the Eiffel Tour, but the creator of Capt. Nemo & 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. Did you know that Verne also predicted man would walk on the moon?

Jesus Christ, the very son of God, was run from his hometown in Nazareth. He settled miles away in the Galilee region. It’s in that geographic area where he met His rag tag army of men who became the disciples.

What kind of scrutiny and public smear campaigns would these guys have faced had they faced social media, the news and tele journalists?

The truth is neither the political establishment nor media know what to do with the current administration. As is the case with each of us, frustrations flare easily when someone or something does not fit into our paradigm.

I recently read a short, but profound list of accomplishments all Americans experience presently:

  • Lower taxes (if you’re going to gripe about your lower rate, keep paying the higher one).
  • North Korean Denuclearization (closest we have ever gotten to this point—I strongly question what is happening).
  • Higher Gross Domestic Product (The current climate is pro business … it is offensive to people who do not understand business and who have never had to make a payroll).
  • Highest Stock Market ever (if anyone wants to complain about corporate greed, please divest yourself first, you won’t need that growing 401k for retirement…it’ll be just fine).
  • Lowest Unemployment since the late 60’s (under prior administrations something called the “participation rate” had to be adjusted so that earlier sitting presidents wouldn’t look as bad for failing economic policies. Metric adjustments may still need to be made).

I’m not sure it matters how you feel about the current administration, but I am sure about this: if we’d collectively channel negative media attention and the hatred toward a single man into something positive, then imagine the positive difference we could make.

A quick glance at the focuses of several First Ladies provides a great place channel effort and resources:

  • Mental Health Issues (might help with shooting problems); thank Roslyn Carter.
  • Just Say No (who knew the drug crisis would continue to spiral, especially opioids); thank Nancy Reagan.
  • Literacy (reading); Laura Bush & Barbara Bush.
  • Childhood Obesity (health issues in general); great cause, Michelle Obama.
  • Stop Bullying (cyber and in person threats); important work, Melania Trump.

And I’ll add one for the dreamers who are not yet in this country: working with people who want to become U.S. citizens to do it the correct and legal way. This may be the biggest emerging social issue we face. It’s so much bigger than a wall.

As I conclude these thoughts I hear the morning news coming on in the background: Jeff Sessions, Russian collusion, John Kelly, Robert Mueller, North Korea, oh, and now Rudy Giuliani says Trump did pay back the $130,000 for the Stormy Daniels cover up. I’m so glad to know this; I can breath easier today. This revelation completely changes to way I’ll conduct my business, rear my family, interact with friends, donate to charity, and pray to God today. The preceding sentence is all sarcasm—about as stupid as this news story. Anything related to an affair about Miss Daniels is so much more important to the future of our country and humanity than just about anything like… I don’t know… denuclearizing renegade regimes like Iran and North Korea.

If you’re my age, then you probably remember hearing CBS newsman Walter Kronkite sign off every evening’s broadcast with five words. They ring as true today as they did when I was a kid. It is simply ashamed that the war of words, some in truth and some unfounded, against any president stands in the way of American unity and progress. But as Mr. Kronkite said: “That’s the way it is.”

I think I’ll go count my blessings…let the president do his job…and turn my television off!

Just for fun:

Check out https://trumptracker.github.io/. It offers interesting, fact checking data on the Perez (that’s what spellcheck changed “prez” into…don’t you know he’d hate that?)

2 thoughts on “War of the Worlds … Make that War of the Words … politics and a president we cannot control

  1. David Faulkner May 3, 2018 / 2:23 pm

    Thanks for the perspective, Chris. I really like reading your stuff.

    I’d love to discuss the recent BSA news with you at some point. It’s amazing how something like a name change stirs the pot. Just look at Mouzon UMC which recently became Selwyn UMC. Changing the name was one of the items discussed back when we were there, and the church was in decline. I saw so much venom spewed from good people. How dare that even be suggested.

    Thanks Chris,

    David Faulkner

    [Title: Pace Development Group – Description: Pace Development Group]

    6719-C Fairview Road
    Charlotte, NC 28210

    (704) 365-1208 office
    (704) 365-5506 fax

    Liked by 1 person

    • myholylandbucklistadventure May 4, 2018 / 4:11 am

      Thanks, David! I am really trying to think through how all the infiltration of “agendas” will impact BSA…and I’ll always call it BSA. You, your son, my son, my dad…and so many others are Eagles earned, deserved and honored by the Boy Scouts of America. No matter what you call it, no matter what people attempt to erase, historical truth does not change. I absolutely acknowledge the necessity for societal-contemporary change, but I need to think through this at length. We’ll connect soon.


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